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Updates on the marriage equality victory

Nationwide marriage equality officially became the law of the land in the US on June 26, 2015—but in practice, not everyone is complying.

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation with discriminatory strings attached

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington have made it clear that they support all girls.

Orbitz launches "SNAP for Equality" contest to celebrate LGBT rights progress

The travel company Orbitz has launched a campaign called “SNAP for Equality,” a photo and video contest that celebrates the global progress of LGBT rights.

Kids explain marriage equality on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

A crew from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" took to the streets of NYC to find out exactly how kids respond to the term “gay marriage.”

Some evangelical churches changing tactics in wake of marriage equality decision

Some evangelical pastors are now pushing to find a way in which biblical teachings and the modern age—one that includes equal rights—can co-exist.

After 54 years, couple finally marries in Dallas, Texas

Jack Evans and Greg Harris can finally enjoy being married after 54 years.

Candidate meltdown: Ted Cruz loses it after marriage equality ruling

Ted Cruz's tantrum goes public after marriage equality decision

Fun Home: Broadway’s queer benchmark?

What happens when art and performance, first seen in the realm of the community, goes mainstream.

John Oliver on transgender rights: “They still face a host of obstacles”

John Oliver discusses how transgender people still lack truly equal rights.

Mika's hotly anticipated album doesn't disappoint

The singer­/songwriter Mika is on track to another personal best with his hotly anticipated album "No Place In Heaven."

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