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Indiana “religious freedom” bill signed into law—but not without consequences

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed the state’s “religious freedom” bill into law, but now its economy may pay the price.

Turkish cartoonists fined for illustration implying that President Erdoğan is gay

Two Turkish cartoonists have narrowly escaped a prison sentence for implying that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is gay on a magazine cover.

Throwback Thursday: Remember that working-class show “Roseanne” that tackled LGBT stories as well?

Remember that one blue-collar show that was bold enough to tackle LGBT issues?

Breaking: HBO series "Looking" cancelled after two seasons

HBO has pulled the plug on "Looking," but promised the show will get a special finale.

Passage of Indiana “religious freedom” bill reminds that the battle for civil rights isn’t over

The Indiana House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at keeping anti-LGBT discrimination legal, in the name of “religious freedom.”

And so it begins… Ted Cruz announces presidential bid

As a vehemently anti-gay Republican announces his bid for president, this is what you might want to think about as we head towards the 2016 election.

The Ghost of Grindr

Exclusive fiction for FourTwoNine Magazine: "My friends avoid it like the plague, but I still use Grindr. When the sun sets, I fire it up."

The draw of Trenton Doyle Hancock

Trenton Doyle Hancock describes his artwork as "Lord of the Rings meets Alice in Wonderland." His most recent exhibit will be showing in the Studio Museum in Harlem from March 25 to June 28.

NY Times lays off contributor for previous racist work

A new contributor to the New York Times, Razib Khan, was discretely let go from the job after some of his racist views were brought to light.

Paris trend report

Fashion month has come to an end in Paris, which brought a fashion parade like none other.

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