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Memo from Georgia: Take your conformist gay marriage and shove it

Georgia's attorney general announces he'll defend his state's ban on marriage equality, will not succumb to the "stale conformity of compulsion."

The last woman standing in Colorado's marriage equality saga

Amid a contentious legal debate, Hillary Hall is Colorado's last holdout issuing marriage licenses in the state.

The homoerotic Playstation game you missed out on

A tour through Japan's homoerotic Playstation weirdness...with GIFs.

Correction: number of AIDS activists killed on flight MH17 much lower than initially reported

According to the International AIDS Society (IAS), the official number of delegates killed when Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH17 was shot down is currently at six, not “at least a hundred” as first reported.

Rights groups ask Malaysian council to maintain support of anti-discrimination bill

The Malaysian rights groups Penang Freedom to Love (PFL) and Diversity are asking the nation’s National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) to maintain their support of a newly drafted anti-discrimination bill.

Chelsea Manning approved to start hormones while in Army custody

Chelsea Manning has been approved to start hormone replacement therapy while serving her thirty-five year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth, according to the Associated Press.

Why pretending to be gay could land straight college kids the corporate gig of their dreams

Decades ago, blackface was one way white America entertained itself. Now, "gayface" is how its angling for cushy corporate jobs.

Wentworth Miller to play fan favorite villain Captain Cold in “Flash” TV show

The creators of the TV series “Flash” have announced that openly gay actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller will be playing the villain Captain Cold, a fan favorite.

Obama signs executive order banning federal contractors from anti-LGBT discrimination

President Barack Obama has signed an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Why Fred Karger's doomed race for the White House matters

You may not know who Fred Karger is, but in 2012 he made history. A new documentary chronicles his doomed but inspiring quest for the White House.

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