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High school senior's site offers teens comprehensive information on sexuality

In an era of abstinence-only education, high school senior Shoshana Cohn created a site for teens to educate themselves on sex.

Bruce Jenner officially comes out as transgender

“It is not that I want to dress as a woman. It’s that I’ve been dressing like a man my whole life.”

Clothing company “Dapper Boi” aims to give more androgynous women jeans that fit

The upcoming clothing line “Dapper Boi” has designed a line of jeans to truly fit more androgynous women.

Instagram vs. nudity: a new update on the never-ending conflict

As one of the most popular social media outlets for people to bare all, Instagram has been in a long-term quarrel with its users about what should be censored and what shouldn’t.

First-ever Queer Fashion Week debuts in Oakland

Mid-April 2015 saw the inaugural event of Queer Fashion Week in Oakland, California.

From Stonewall to seventy: A tribute to living a full life

On his 70th birthday, tenured CUNY professor Michaelangelo Salcedo remembers the Stonewall and how the LGBT community has evolved since the '60s.

The whimsical world of Anna K

Fashion designer Anna K’s fresh take on design is leaving a mark, fueled by her own personal style and her love for fairy tales and novels.

Meet Tennis, the engineers of 60s musical sound fused with 21st century influences

The married musical duo Tennis has a sound that resonates all the way to the sold-out box office of their upcoming tour.

Thrill-Killer: Sexual pathology and the leather fetish

Four Jewish Brooklyn youths went on a crime spree, torturing, stripping, and flogging men and women, and eventually killing a black man in 1954. Mariah Adin's book looks into why.

IFC gives the black queer community a platform with Black Summer Nights

IFC turns the spotlight on the black queer community with "Black Summer Nights."

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