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Activist by day, DJ by night: Tom Temprano leads the charge for San Francisco's LGBT progressives

Tom Temprano's passion is politics. And music. And community. Here he talks about how he combines all three in San Francisco.

Catholic Church revises LGBT-inclusive language

LGBT-inclusive Catholic reforms face setbacks, but many in the Church remain optimistic about procedural changes.

Russian politician calls for Tom of Finland stamps to be returned to sender

Too provocative for the Kremlin, Finland's most successful series of stamps are causing a stir in Russia.

President Obama: “I think the Equal Protection Clause does guarantee same-sex marriage in all fifty states”

President Barack Obama has said that he believes the freedom to marry should be legal in all fifty US states, due to the Equal Protection Clause in the Constitution.

Houston anti-discrimination law gets national attention

The law has been credited with intimidating pastors and threatening religious freedom, even though it hasn't been implemented yet

Greyscale Goods: the clothing service that goes beyond labels

If your tastes in fashion don’t fit neatly into either men’s or women’s styles, Greyscale Goods wants to be the nontraditional clothing service you’ve been waiting for.

LGBT with cancer: How the real fear of discrimination can impact your health

Many LGBT people put off check-ups or cancer screenings for fear of discrimination; once diagnosed with cancer, LGBT patients have no choice but to enter a system where discrimination can have real consequences.

Filipino senator calling for harsher laws against anti-LGBT hate crimes

Senator Bam Aquino of the Philippines is calling for harsher laws against homophobic hate crimes.

Vanita Gupta nominated to be Civil Rights Chief

Vanita Gupta, an advocate for criminal justice and drug reform, has been nominated to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Arizona granted marriage equality

Arizona’s ban on marriage equality has been struck down, effective immediately.

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