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Plaintiff asks Florida to recognize her relationship—and grant divorce

The state of Florida may see its first same-sex divorce before its first equal marriage.

"Girl in a country song" isn't the first time music has played with gender roles

"Girl in a country song" has racked up more than 2 million hits on Youtube and sparked controversy over gender stereotyping. But the video isn't the first time we've heard this song and dance.

First openly gay governor in the US takes office—briefly

Toni Atkins briefly became California's only openly gay governor today, filling in for Jerry Brown while he's traveling out of state.

Editor's Picks of the Week

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Sessums shares his favorite things this week.

Astronautalis pushes hip-hop beyond sexist, homophobic cliches

A tribute to Astronautalis, a hip-hop artist who is redefining the genre one album— and one performance—at a time.

Ruby Rose gets personal on her five minute gender-bending video

Meet Ruby Rose, an Australian model and TV personality who is ready to let the world know she wakes up every morning feeling gender neutral—and likes it that way.

MI state representative sponsors banning “reparative therapy” for minors

A state representative in Michigan has sponsored a bill banning the use of anti-gay “reparative therapy” on minors.

Pat Robertson sounds off on the secret gay conspiracy threatening America's baked goods

Pat Robertson knows what you're up to, gay America. And he won't go down without a fight.

Judge declines to suspend case against Wyoming’s marriage equality ban, may rule in November

A district court judge has declined to suspend or immediately rule on a lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of Wyoming’s ban on marriage equality.

Scottish government launches LGBT equality campaign

On July 28, the government of Scotland launched a campaign promoting LGBT equality.

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