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Rainbow Honor Walk to be unveiled in San Francisco

A project honoring pioneers of LGBT history will be unveiled in San Francisco on September 2.

"Gone Home," an LGBT-inclusive video game, to be released on Nintendo's Wii U

"Gone Home" is not just a video game—it's an LGBT novel in the form of a first-person role-player.

Diving into the bizarre world of interspecies erotica

There's nothing quite like werecuttlefish erotica to makes you yearn for more innocent times.

Taiwan teams up with Google to expand its LGBT reputation beyond Asia

Taiwan's tourism bureau wants the world to know that it's an LGBT-friendly destination.

Grindr says its privacy flaw isn't a problem—except for users in homophobic countries

A security flaw in the popular hook-up app allows people to determine the near-exact location of users anywhere in the world—a terrifying prospect for those in Iran, Russia, and other homophobic nations.

Eva, the transgender voice-training app

A speech pathologist has created an app to assist transgender people learn how to change the pitch and tone of their voices, an important part of “passing.”

Haters gonna hate: Why the ice bucket challenge isn't destroying the environment or Western civilization

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been criticized for everything from encouraging narcissism to wasting water. Here's why the haters are wrong.

Remembering "Misfits," the British dramedy about slackers with superpowers

A look back at the original cast of the British sci-fi dramedy "Misfits."

Around the world with LGBT travel expert Carlos Melia

Carlos Melia has spent more than 25 years crafting custom travel experiences for LGBT travelers. So we asked him for some vacation tips.

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