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Some state officials refusing to give up the fight against equality

Officials in Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, and Florida have made it clear they are determined to keep fighting against same-sex marriage until the bitter end.

California jail that throws LGBT inmates into an “alternative lifestyle tank” faces lawsuit for discrimination

The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit for LGBT inmates who allegedly face “longer sentences and substantially worse conditions.”

"Der Kreis," about the ungerground world of an LGBT newspaper, is Switzerland's entry for Best Foreign Language film

A new German-language drama captures the claustrophobic world of an underground LGBT newspaper.

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Cruising, controversial '80's film about gay leather underworld, now a children's playset

The controversial film starring Al Pacino as a cop hunting a serial killer targeting gay men is now a children's playset.

Nigerian judge rules that straight plaintiff has no legal standing to challenge anti-gay law

A challenge to Nigeria’s newest anti-gay legislation has been dismissed, on the grounds that the plaintiff is straight and thus has no legal standing.

Doug White knows Napa Valley better than anybody, and he wants to let you in on a secret

Doug White is the owner and operator of Beyond the Label, a Napa Valley company specializing in personal tours of the region's vineyards and little-known nooks.

Check it: Soundtrack for Xavier Dolan's "Mommy" features Oasis, Dido, Lana Del Ray, and more

The Canadian wunderkind's new movie, "Mommy," features a soundtrack big on late '90's and 2000's heavyweights. Take a listen.

Joan Didion's nephew launches Kickstarter to fund first full-length documentary about the iconic writer

Didion's nephew, Griffin Dunne, has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the first full-length documentary about the legendary author.

Here are your daily need to knows

Five stories to put on your radar.

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