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This week Buffy becomes a wage slave and discovers the crushing tedium of adulthood

From manual labor to retail hell, Buffy the vampire slayer explores her career opportunities in this week's episode, "Life Serial".

Facebook makes no concessions to drag queens angry about legal name policy

The social media giant stands firm by a policy that has drag queens disclosing their legal names.

Calls for new anti-LGBT laws and blood testing for "degeneratism" in Kazakhstan

The leader of an ultranationalist group in Kazakhstan calls for more extreme measures against LGBT people.

Indian government asks its Supreme Court to narrow definition of third genders

India's federal government has asked its Supreme Court to clarify its order to introduce and legally recognize a third gender category.

"Better Off Ted" was the workplace comedy of the future, from the past

A look back at the pilot episode of one of ABC's best but most short-lived sitcoms, "Better Off Ted."

Tessa Edwards presents more than a collection at London Fashion Week

Tessa Edwards is best known as a fashion designer, but she's also a conceptual artist concerned about how women are perceived.

Editor's Picks of the Week

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Sessums shares his favorite things this week.

Male survivors of military sexual trauma often find themselves discharged and without resources

Every day 38 servicemen are victims of sexual assault. When they're discharged, they find few resources offering therapy or support.

What the hell is happening in Hemlock Grove? (S1E3: The Order of the Dragon)

We return to Hemlock Grove to find a new murder, a new detective, and no shortage of awkward supernatural shenanigans.

German National Tourist Office launches website for LGBT travelers

The German National Tourist Office has launched a new travel website, Germany for LGBT.

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