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Northern Ireland Assembly to debate marriage equality on April 29

The Northern Ireland Assembly will debate marriage equality on April 29.

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Ethiopia decides not to make homosexuality an unpardonable offense

Ethiopia has reversed course on its plan to make homosexuality an unpardonable offense, stating that it’s “not a serious crime.”

Ohio gets stay on order to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages pending appeals

A federal judge has agreed to Ohio’s request to put a stay on his order to recognize same-sex marriages from out of the state.

Brunei to punish homosexual activity with death by stoning

Brunei plans to enact laws punishing homosexual activity with death by stoning, starting April 22. n

Transgender schoolteacher allowed to stay despite parental complaints

The school board of Lumberton, Texas has decided to stand by transgender teacher Laura Jane Klug, who was temporarily suspended from teaching after facing parental complaints.

Malta becomes first European country to write transgender protections into constitution

The Republic of Malta is now the first European country to include protections for transgender people in its constitution.

Illinois votes down “ex-gay” therapy ban

A bill that would have banned the use of gay “cure” therapy on minors was struck down in Illinois in a 54 to 44 vote in the House of Representatives.

Turkish government planning to completely segregate gay prisoners

The Turkish government has announced that it plans to build segregated prisons for gay prisoners, alarming LGBT rights advocates, who say that it would only increase homophobia within the already unfriendly country.

Russian lawmaker proposes shutdown of LGBT social media and bars

The same Russian lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov, who co-sponsored the homosexual propaganda law in June 2013 that quickly drew international attention to Russia’s human rights issues, has now said that bars and dance venues for the LGBT community should be banned because they are “destroying Russia.”

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