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“I Am Michael” co-producer Benoit Denizet-Lewis on the real Michael Glatze

“I Am Michael” started with an article by one man trying to understand his ex-gay friend. Benoit Denizet-Lewis talks to dot429 about the real Michael Glatze.

Mommy wars, gay dads, and inclusion

Similac’s new ad poking fun at “Mommy Wars” surprisingly manages to be inclusive of double-daddy families, too…mostly.

Actor Chad Allen’s coming out story—in his own words

Actor Chad Allen of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" fame opens up about coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out to his father.

Daily Roundup
Here are your daily need to knows

Five stories to put on your radar.

Perez Hilton: Gays in Leading Roles

dot429 caught up with Perez Hilton to get his perspective regarding the ongoing debate of gay actors securing leading roles.

Two Gay Bears own JebBushforPresident.com, will use it as a pro-LGBT platform

CJ Phillips and Charlie Rainwater bought the domain in 2008, when they foresaw Jeb Bush may be running for president with an anti-LGBT position.

US legislators introduce bill to protect LGBT rights worldwide

On January 29, a bill aimed at protecting and increasing the rights of LGBT people all over the world was re-introduced in the US Senate.

Insider Talk: Gay at Google

Google's Brian Richardson sat down with dot429 to discuss being gay at Google and how the company is working to lead the way in LGBT rights.

"Fashion is the mirror of your soul": Keytt Lundqvist on beauty and style

Armed with a remarkable sense of style and defiant attitude, Keytt Lundqvist typifies the modern New York City woman. Here, she tells dot429 her opinions on beauty, style, and even—gasp—Kim Kardashian.

Editor's Picks of the Week

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Sessums shares his favorite things this week.

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