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An NRA ad firm hired a consultant to prove that campaign ads on Grindr aren’t real

The NRA was accused of running ads on Grindr to promote pro-gun, anti-gay Republican Tom Cotton, the GOP's senate candidate in Arkansas.

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Halloween, Kirk Cameron, and the battle for America's soul

Halloween used to be innocent fun. Now it's a political and religious wedge.

Oldest movie theater in Kiev burns down after smoke grenade thrown during LGBT film screening

The oldest movie theater in Kiev, Ukraine burned down on the night of October 29, due to a smoke grenade thrown during the showing of an LGBT film.

Missouri lawmakers find no options to fight for marriage equality ban

Missouri’s lawmakers have discovered they have no legal recourse to fight for its ban on marriage equality, but the Speaker of the House is claiming the fight may not be over yet.

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Five stories to put on your radar.

Has the U.S. finally reached a tipping point with same-sex marriage?

Thirty-two states have legalized same-sex marriage. Has the U.S. reached a tipping point? If so, what does that say about the eighteen states still holding back?

"Small but mighty:" Lifestyle architect Jay Michael on the power of a meaningful building

Jay Michael, lifestyle architect and one of the ambitious Chicago professionals of Bravo's "100 Days of Summer," has been turning dilapidated buildings in his neighborhood into stylish, affordable homes.

Study reveals domestic violence within same-sex couples more common than previously thought

A recent study has shown that domestic violence in same-sex relationships happens just as often, or possibly even more, than in heterosexual relationships.

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