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PBS' "First Person" talks about bisexual erasure

PBS' First Person takes a look at bisexual erasure, from the perspective of a bisexual man.

Lesbians Who Tech holds 2nd annual summit in New York

Over 800 LGBTQ women and allies are expected at the 2nd Annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York.

TBT: The children’s show that talked about sexuality

Remember hearing about that one Nickelodeon show that ended with two female characters walking off into the sunset? —

The vibrant life of Skylar Marcus Lee, 16-year-old transgender activist

Skylar Marcus Lee highlighted intersectional issues through his work on self-awareness.

Demisexuality: the newest term on the block

Demisexuality: when you're neither asexual nor sexual, but somewhere in between. If you’ve gotten to this article, you might be wondering if you’re demisexual. It’s likely that you already have a suspicion that you are, but you just don’t know for sure. This makes sense, considering that many demisexuals don’t experience sexual attraction frequently, so it’s hard to describe something with which you have little experience.

Director Blake Mawson talks about his Russian horror film "PYOTR495"

PYOTR495 director Blake Mawson on why he made the film, how he researched it, and how he plans to show it in Russia.

Beyond the Tokyo-Kyoto bubble: introducing Yokohama and Takarazuka

Step out of the Tokyo-Kyoto bubble—Takarazuka and hot springs and jazz, oh my!

Leadership in flux

After John Boehner resigns his Speaker seat, what will happen to the House Leadership?

Queer art gallery seeks new home after harassment

Heart of Art Gallery has announced the start of a fundraising campaign to support their relocation after a hateful attack.

Bisexual Awareness Week in an age of many queer identities

I am not straight, or gay. So does that mean I should be celebrating Bisexual Awareness Week?

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