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Nike creates the "Be True Pride Pack" to support LGBT community

By Jordan Ruimy

Just a month ago, shoe company giant Nike hosted the first ever LGBT sports summit. The goal of this event was to "create a team game plan for ending homophobia and transphobia in sport that takes advantage of the best thinking and strengths of each organization." This was a landmark event for not just Nike but for sports in general, which has seen more than its fair share of discrimination towards the LGBT community and its athletes. The event was a 3 day success bringing in important discussions about the future of LGBT in sports and having numerous sports celebrities in attendance in support of the cause. 

Nike is continuing its support of the LGBT community with the recently announced and praised “Be True” Campaign. The campaign was launched earlier this week in support of the community. To celebrate the leaders in the community, Nike unveiled a new line of sneakers and shirts. “BE TRUE 2012 celebrates the achievements of the New York City, San Francisco, and Portland communities as progressive leaders of LGBT life with city-specific footwear releases and accompanying hat and tee,” said the shoe company’s web site.

The Nike BE TRUE Air Flytop & Nike BE TRUE Air Royal will have outsoles “that feature a vibrant rainbow spectrum that spans from the left to right shoe.” The Nike BE TRUE Lunar Flow will have the rainbow colors printed onto “the vamp mesh that spans from left to right shoe” and finally the Nike BE TRUE x Bowerman Tee-shirt will have a “tonal reflective cross streets graphic on chest and a swoosh treated with the rainbow spectrum on back neck.” These three items are available for individual purchase and will also be available in a single pack called the “Be True Pride Pack”. 

Nike continues to progress with its ideals bringing in an open mind to its business sense and also to its customers. They are not scared to show their clientele their beliefs and are doing so with a set of shoes that promote goodwill and tolerance towards others. 

Written By:
Jordan  Ruimy
Jordan Ruimy
Fri, Jul 27, 2012


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