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A photo project of Feminism and Equality

Liora K, born and raised in northern New Jersey, has been photographing for about six years. While her focus is mainly fashion photography, recent political events have changed the nature of her personal projects to take a strong feminist egalitarian stance. When her images began circulating around the internet, she developed a project that would take her and her camera on the road.

The Feminist Photos is a project that focuses on the advancement of women and their allies. Liora wants to travel to all fifty states (and DC) photographing a feminist in each one, and then create a book about the experience. She hopes that this project will be a unifying force across the USA for people who believe that all humans are created equally.

The project has a strong pro-LGBTQ message since Liora believes that feminism is not just about advocating for women, but about advocating for those who are being denied equal rights. She believes that one group cannot advance in their cause without supporting others who are in the same situation. 

Visit www.thefeministphotos.com for more information on Liora’s project and how to get involved!

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Wed, Sep 12, 2012


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