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Amazon celebrates marriage equality with new Kindle commercial

Amazon releases a new Kindle Paperwhite commercial promoting marriage equality.

In the commercial, a man and woman converse as they sunbathe together with their e-readers.  

After the woman recommends the Kindle Paperwhite with its new features, the man suggests they celebrate. She says her husband is bringing her a drink now, and he says his is as well. The shot then cuts to the two men at the bar waving back.

“The ad has gotten a lot of exposure on Youtube and LGBT sites with a lot of shares. It’s an overall trend. It’s a smart business move and the right decision with money used positively,” GLAAD’s VP of Communications Rich Ferraro tells 429Magazine. He adds that it gains positive feedback in the media for LGBT inclusion.

Amazon is widely known as being an LGBT friendly company. The company’s co-founder, Jeff Bezos, donated $2.5 million last year for the marriage equality battle in Washington, where Amazon has their main headquarters. 

Amazon also received high ratings in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index of 2012 with 90 percent, listed as one of the top companies in the nation as LGBT-friendly.

Amazon joins the list of companies that have used depictions of LGBT people in ads. In 2007 and 2008, IKEA and Levis’ were some of the first companies to include LGBT people in their national advertising campaigns. 

Since then, Kaiser, Google, American Airlines and Diageo/ROKK Vodka followed suit in 2011. In the past two years, Macy’s, Marriott Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Discover America, J. Crew, McDonald’s, Urban Outfitters, the Gap, JCPenny, American Apparel, Crate Barrel, and others have included LGBT representation in advertising.

“A lot has changed in the past two years. There’s no more boycotts or negative press,” says Ferraro. “Americans expect to see gay and lesbian couples and families in the media today. The advertising industry may not be exposed to LGBT issues as much, like television, but they are catching up.” 

GLAAD honors outstanding LGBT images in advertising at the GLAAD Amplifier Awards every fall. 

View the video here. 


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Chris Huqueriza
Chris Huqueriza
Mon, Feb 25, 2013
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