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Sing Out, Louise!

For the theater lovers out there – this famous Mama Rose line from Gypsy says it all. Show biz and the restaurant biz --- are two of a kind. When restaurants open their doors each day – it truly is like the curtains are going up on a great performance. The cast is made up of the servers and the chefs, the directors are the managers – and the guests are indeed the audience – and the same rules apply. They are spending their time and money to be entertained and expect a memorable experience.

Restaurants have stories to tell --who are they, what do they do. These stories become the scripts and the décor, the menus and the staff are the elements that bring them to life. Hoping and toiling each day that the crowds will roar with enthusiasm and the reviews will be fabulous -- restaurants put it out there for the world to see (and taste.)

The décor is indeed the set. Is the mood sexy and sultry with an edge á la Chicago? Or is it the urban alterna-“dive” á la Rent? Service is the choreography. The team moves together in unison to get the job done flawlessly. And then there’s the kitchen, and that is where the Chef and star of the show performs nightly. Passionate, dedicated and eager it to put it out there – hoping for rave reviews.

To drive buzz, repeat business and sell out successes, restaurants must have great scripts, an amazing cast of characters and the time needed to rehearse and polish their presentations. Ultimately, the guests will be asking – is this Masterpiece Theatre or A Comedy of Errors? Of course, they want masterpieces that are dramatic, delightful and diva-lcious.

Written By:
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman
Mon, Apr 05, 2010
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