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Lyrical Voyages

To quote Madonna from her hit "Music," Music makes the people come together.

In all my travels to some of the most disparate places on earth, there are a few universals. One of them is the human passion for music. There are many similarities, of course, among the various expressions of music around the world, but what always interests me are the differences.

Some cultures have a distinctive form of music that seems to accurately express the people of that place. One contrasting set of examples is the music of Argentina and Brazil.While there are many different genres of music in both countries, we very often associated Brazil with samba. Likewise, we think Argentina and tango almost simultaneously.

Having recently visited both countries recently, what strikes me is how each reflects the culture. I think of Brazilians as joyous and fun and always ready to dance. What else is samba then a pure expression of exuberant motion? Similarly, Argentines, like tango itself, are sexy and serious.

While these are not doubt obvious generalizations, anyone who's been to both places would probably see the grain of truth to it. I love to experience music when I visit a new destination, and try to buy some of the music when I'm there as a remembrance. Buenos Aires' Tango Porteño, in the picture above, is a bit touristy and pretty expensive but well worth it for a survey of tango through the years and some fine performances.

On a different note, if you are near Phoenix anytime soon and music interests you, make it a priority to visit the Musical Instrument Museum. MIM offers a stunning collection of instruments from the world over. Exhibition videos and musical selections begin playing automatically when visitors approach -- a pretty nifty technological trick.

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Don't think of yesterday and I don't look at the clock
I like to boogie woogie
It's like ridin' on the wind and it never goes away
But she's everything I'm in got to have it everyday

Written By:
Ed Salvato
Ed Salvato
Sun, Aug 22, 2010
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