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Curating Creativity

Since I have owned Silverman Gallery in San Francisco I have felt creativity buzz around me. As owner, my role entails a number of jobs that I constantly move between, these include (but are definitely not limited to): dealer, director, curator, writer, and installer (and sometimes delivery girl).

‘Art dealer’ perhaps best describes what I do on a day to day basis; however, I come from a curatorial background, and this has largely been the driving force behind the gallery for the past 4 years, giving our programming depth, as sense of adventure and a consistent point of view/creative vision. Hosting talks, discussions, presentations, openings, events, performances and more we act, in a way, as a hub for creativity. This also provides an extensive network while living and working in one city. In the art world some would think that art dealers encounter the most creativity however independent curators absolutely cross paths with more creatives due to working with numerous institutions, galleries, foundations and therefore artists. Although being independent comes with complexities it sure is exciting and I loved working across the world before opening my gallery.

I have been very fortunate and the gallery is technically my “day job,” which I do approach like any young business that wants to continue to expand and grow. But the gallery is also the culmination of my long-term relationship with art; it’s a big nexus of artists, curators, writers, and other creative’s who converge there. So I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

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Jessica Silverman
Jessica Silverman
Sun, Aug 29, 2010
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