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Britney, Whitney, Mariah and More: Divas Inspire Change, Creativity and Originality

In my next life I’ll be a pop princess. I have the moves. I know the songs. I even know how to market and re-invent myself when I need to –and I know how to apply this knowledge to help my restaurant clients.

Look to the divas for the ultimate lesson in marketing. They use their talent, music and style to market to appeal to the masses. Madonna and Lady Gaga huge popularity because they take risks and adapt accordingly.

Just like our favorite Divas – restaurants that take chances, have style and know how to adapt make it. For a more practical application -- music is an integral part of the restaurant experience. It sets the vibe and help conveys the concept. Savvy operators use music as a tool to set the mood. Is it a hip, trendy, Lady Gaga kind of place? Is it classic, jazzy, Diana Krall supper club? Does the refined French food and classy environment call for a little Edith Piaf? Or perhaps it’s a fast casual place that blasts for some good old rock & roll.

With the best performers –their styles convey their success. Restaurants are the same. The music in a high pace place can literally vibrate and create energy in the room. For the more refined place, the music should be the background to the buzz in the dining room. Amp the volume, amp the excitement (and attract a younger demographic,) but crank it too loud and it can frustrate guests -- which can be detrimental to sales. With music alone, management can encourage guests to linger or leave depending on the tempo and the volume.

Finally, a restaurant’s music should not conflict with the concept. I know a serene Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi that plays show tunes …. it’s confusing. In fact, I advise all of my clients to develop customized playlists. We use music all the time to attract the right clientele and build excitement.

Whether it’s New York, New York, Like A Virgin, Poker Face or Hit Me Baby One More Time – the tunes can make or break the restaurant experience. We can look to our Divas for inspiration!

Written By:
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman
Thu, Aug 19, 2010


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