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Top 10 lesbian videos sizzle and stun

While it's exciting to hit the theater for the newest LGBT movies, sometimes it's nice to watch them at home from the warm comfort of your living room. With that in mind, here's a helpful starter list from the folks at Wolfe Video: highlights include the much anticipated Showtime collector's edition package, "The L Word: The Complete Collection" and the popular new lesbian coming out musical, "Leading Ladies."


Many of these films are also available on VOD and digital delivery platforms. Check out the list below, then share your top picks in the comments field below the article.


1. Leading Ladies Adorable newcomers Laurel Vail and Nicole Dionne co-star as the young lesbians who "Let Love Lead" in this romantic coming out tale blended together with a fabulously choreographed musical comedy. Plus, "So You Think You Can Dance" winner Benji Schwimmer (as the gay best friend) and legendary choreographer Melanie LaPatin as the overzealous stage mother!


2. The L Word: The Complete Series This handsome 25-disc collector's edition set gets you addicted all over again to the super-sexy exploits of some of the most popular lesbian characters of all time: The ultimate lesbian couple, Bette and Tina; bi-curious Jenny; super-studly Shane; wacky Alice; sporty Dana; stylish Helena; handsome Tasha; sultry Carmen; smarty-arty Jodi; knockout Marina; amazing Max; fabulous Phyllis and all the wonderful denizens of Showtime's legendary series. Plus: Extras Galore and bonus disc with exclusive "The L Word"Reunion!"


3. Trigger Ex-lovers and former bandmates Vic and Kat (played by two of Canada's top female stars, Tracy Wright and Molly Parker) reunite to perform at a women in rock benefit show. After a wild night of reminiscing, reconnecting and true confessions the pair face the dawn and the true nature of their friendship. This heartbreakingly genuine rock-and-roll drama earned double Best Actress nominations at the 2011 Genie Awards (Canada's Academy Awards).


4. Big Lesbian Love Collector's Set This quartet of top lesbian romances includes a gorgeous pair of Big Apple love stories, "The Four-Faced Liar" and "My Normal" plus two equally fresh West Coast American indies, the smart and sexy "And Then Came Lola" and the legendary Jamie Babbitt hit, "Itty Bitty Titty Committee." Enjoy some Big Lesbian Love!


5. The Real L Word - Complete Second Season The Real L Word is back for a hotter-than-ever second season. Wild child Whitney is joined by an all-new cast of girlfriends ‚ and whether it's love or lust, make-ups or break-ups, it's a non-stop ride of addictive fun. This hot 3-disc set includes all nine dramatic, provocative and sexy episodes‚ uncut and uncensored.


6. The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls Hailed by audiences as inspirational, lauded by critics as irresistible - this award-winning documentary tells the story of the world's only yodeling country singing-and-comedy lesbian singing duo "Jools and Lynda Topp," New Zealand twin sisters who have inspired a generation and earned cult celebrity status in the process.


7. The Lovers & Friends Show Season 4 With its honest and often humorous depiction of urban lesbian life, "The Lovers & Friends Show" has opened the eyes of people within and outside of the LGBT community. Enjoy another great season of tantalizing drama in this scrappy low-budget hit show.


8. Elena Undone From writer-director Nicole Conn, this hot tale of unexpected lesbian romance co-stars Traci Dinwiddie and Necar Zadegan: two beautiful actresses with spectacular onscreen chemistry. Elena (the wife of a conservative pastor) falls deeply in love with lesbian writer Peyton. Elena Undone also features the longest kiss in cinema history.


9. The Fish Child In this hot lesbian thriller, androgynous Ines Efron (XXY) stars as a wealthy teen in love with her family's 20-year-old maid (played by pop star turned actress, Mariela Vitale, aka Emme). Will their elaborate scheme to be together succeed? Nominated for nine Argentine Academy Awards.


10. Becoming Chaz This groundbreaking portrait of Chaz Bono's life as a transgender man has touched hearts across America with its personal exploration of courage and strength. Through interviews with friends and family (including his mother, Cher) the film presents an illuminating story that everyone should see.


Award-winning film maker and author of "The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian & Gay Film and Video," Jenni Olson is the director of e-commerce and consumer marketing at Wolfe Video.

Written By:
Jenni Olson
Jenni Olson
Tue, Oct 18, 2011
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