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LGBT news roundup 03.21.12

Editor's Pick: In North Brooklyn, Another Gay Bar Closes

New York Times


Dutch Catholic Authorities Alleged to Have Treated Gays With Castration


The Advocate



WATCH: Kirk Cameron Says His Comments Weren't Hate Speech


The Advocate



New Hampshire House weighs gay marriage repeal vote


San Francisco Chronicle



Gay Marriage Supporters Protest 'Left-Handed Marriage'





Chely Wright Talks Being A Lesbian In Country Music, LikeMe Lighthouse And Celebrity Support


Huffington Post



Madonna Vows to Oppose Gay Law in Putin’s Hometown





Why Gay Folks Should Care About Trayvon Martin's Case


Huffington Post



Will Romney address gay marriage, immigrant tuition in Maryland campaign stop?


Washington Post



Balkans gay box-office hit banned in Dubrovnik


Chicago Tribune


Anti-gay robo-calls continue but Romney wins Illinois


Keen News Service


Chile Government Slammed For Denying Lesbian Judge Custody Of Daughters


Huffington Post



Gay marriage opponents want issue put to a vote




Jarrett, Holder vow to fight anti-gay bullying, hate crimes at White House conference in Arlington




Dubai Police Chief Denies Reports That Gay People Were Arrested at Party


Huffington Post



Longtime gay marriage opponents form PAC in Maine




Savage to Santorum: "I'll Gay for Him"


The Advocate


Gay X-Men Hero Gets Married in Upcoming Comic


Edge Boston


Marine Corps Book Chronicles 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Demise


Huffington Post


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Wed, Mar 21, 2012


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