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LGBT News Roundup 04.16.12


Editor's Pick: Chris Barley and Marc Kushner

New York Times


On the Campaign Trail, Reciting Family History

New York Times


Gay Marriage Foes Assume Own Marriages Are Stable, Survey Suggests

Huffington Post


Gay USNA alumni commemorate DADT repeal

Navy Times


National, statewide gay groups use Tax Day as opportunity to protest Defense of Marriage Act

Gay South Florida


Budapest Court Gives Green Light to Gay Pride March, Overrules Police

Wall Street Journal


Some Tax Breaks Unavailable to Same-Sex Couples

New York Times


Illinois Gay Marriage: Bill's Sponsor Says Votes 'Aren't There' For Passage This Spring

Huffington Post


IRS Makes Gay Parents 'Lie,' Shortchanging 2 Million Children



Putting the 'Gay' in West Hollywood



North Carolina sees mobilization on gay marriage



The Gay and Transgender Wage Gap

American progress


Seattle Churches Refuse Petition to Reverse Gay Marriage Law



With better HIV tests, should FDA end its ban on gay men donating blood?

Washington Post


'We Can't Wait,' Gay Rights Activists Say, Urging Passage Of Nondiscrimination Executive Order

International Business Times


Homotech: Gay-Friendly Gaming Companies Resist the Right



Catholic Church Initiates Drive to Overturn Washington Gay Marriage Law

Christian Post


El Paso-born openly gay, cross-dressing luchador has fought battles in and out of the arena

Las Cruces Sun News


Conservative Group Whines About Urban Outfitters’ Gay Advertising

Think Progress


Astonishing X-Men #51 features Marvel Comics' first gay wedding



Mitt Romney Thanks Rick Santorum For Making Him Look Gay Friendly In SNL Skit

On Top Mag


Comedy Is Good for the Jews. Can We Make It That Way for The Gays and The Muslims?

Think Progress


Raising Twins Where They May Never ‘Belong’

New York Times


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Mon, Apr 16, 2012


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