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Obama traces LGBT progress while in office

By Anna Peirano

After last week's disappointment, in which President Obama refused to issue an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discrimination against LGBT people, staffers for the Obama administration created the below infographic to demonstrate what the President has done during his time in office.

The @BarackObama account on twitter put out this message earlier today:

The link takes you to the Obama-Biden website, where you can view the full image tracing the road from 2009 to present day. The Atlantic noted that the timeline shows a "measurable slow down on LGBT activity once the 2012 calendar year begins."

What do you think of Obama's progress over the last three years? 

Written By:
Anna Peirano
Anna Peirano
Fri, Apr 20, 2012
Comment by Celenia Delsol
about 4 years ago

Sorry, not enough and not what was promised.

Comment by Roberta LaFrance
about 4 years ago

well, let's see, "if" President Obama had a "magic wand", like a fairy godfather/mother everything would be our way. however, please note that W left our country in enough turmoil for a superhero to be busy just cleaning up that "s#it" for 4 years. let's look at all of the road blocks the other side has been throwing up every step of the way. i'm not saying it's been a joyride i wish things were better: all Americans receive healthcare (reasonably priced) beginning immediately, US invests in our waterway, freeway and bridge infrastructure putting about 5 - 7 million folks to work; I could go on. "DADT" was finally repealed. I know "we" deserve better and we need to keep up fighting to just be accepted as "American citizens" with full rights and powers. we need to "take down" the other side. vote them out.

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