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New TV ads against Amendment One in North Carolina

By Ryan Collett

Two new pro-gay marriage television ads were unveiled in North Carolina on Monday. The ads are targeted towards informing the voting public about what would happen if a proposed same-sex marriage ban passes in the state.
The ban, called Amendment One, would formally define marriage as being between a man and a woman in the state’s constitution.
The new ads, produced by a coalition called Protect NC Families, do not blatantly support same-sex marriage; rather, they highlight the negative effects Amendment One would have on all unmarried couples - both gay and straight.
Both ads inform the public that a formal definition of marriage in the state’s constitution would take away protections for victims of domestic violence in unmarried partnerships. Because couples are not married, formal charges of domestic violence will lose legitimacy.
Amendment One will be decided on by voters on May 8. North Carolina is currently the only southern state without a constitutional gay marriage ban.

View the two ads below.

Written By:
Ryan Collett
Ryan Collett
Tue, May 01, 2012
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