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The must sleep and dine destinations in Buenos Aires

By Carlos Melia

This week I am reporting LIVE from the bohemian and vibrant, yet melancholic city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born and, to some extent, raised as a full porteño (a person who is from the city of Buenos Aires), nowadays living overseas, I am venturing myself into the paradigm of being a tourist in my own homeland. Quite an interesting task, for which I have spent the last few days researching, testing, and reviewing both the new and same-old-great options available for affluent travelers visiting the so called “Paris of the South."

Far from any parisian homage, in my point of view, Buenos Aires has very diverse offerings in terms of accommodation, restaurants and bars. Since you might only have 5 days to experience the destination, here is my MUST SLEEP and DINE list for you... which I have observed all have a huge gay following and/or gay involvement attached, so put your money where it's deserved, respected and welcomed...


1. Park Hyatt Buenos Aires (my kind of luxury)
Over the sophisticated Alvear Avenue, Palacio Duhau blends its 1930’s French-style with contemporary design and decor. There is belle-epoque elegance, tech savvy modernity, and comfort. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.

2. Four Seasons Buenos Aires (flawless luxury)

The Four Seasons' consistent and flawless trademark service is in sync with Buenos Aires. One of the best outdoor pools, with amazing views of 20th Century French-style Mansion Palacio Alzaga Unzue. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.

3. Mansion Algodon (boutique luxury)

The small expression of great service. Luxury suites are exceptionally spacious, offering superior comforts and amenities. Not so keen on the spa, but if you can overcome that glitch, then you will have an amazing stay. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.

4. Legado Mitico Buenos Aires (boutique home away from home)

Small emblematic hotel, born to provide guests with excellent service and transmit the best of the local history and culture. Located in Palermo SOHO. Visit their website here.

5. HUB Porteño (my own risk, the hotel is to be opened late June 2012. However, knowing the people involved in the project and having seen the mockup rooms, I give them the full benefit of the doubt for now.)

They invite you to experience a homemade luxury experience made in Buenos Aires. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.


1. Chez Nous (french... but not so french) by Executive Chef Antonio Soriano.

A playful approach to traditional regional dishes with inspired French techniques. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.

2. TEGUI (intriguing, intimate and trendy) by Chef German Martitegui.

Where textures and flavors play a starring role. Located in Palermo Hollywood. Visit their website here.

3. Tarquino (Nouvelle Cuisine made in Argentina) by Chef Dante Liporace.

A modern approach to the most exquisite Argentinean classics in a very intimate ambiance. Located in Recoleta. Visit their website here.

4. La Vineria Gualterio Bolivar (molecular, deconstructed, innovative) by Chef Alejandro Digilio.

Modern and rational cuisine, created from a well developed emotional memory. Located in San Telmo. Visit their website here.

5. Aldo’s (gourmet experience where the wine is the star) by expert Sommelier Aldo Graziani.

As they promote it, the most tasteful wines at the best prices. Located in San Telmo. Visit their website here.

That is all for now, with still another two weeks exploring Buenos Aires, before heading out to my next adventure. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for further tips and recommendations. Till next week, Carlos Melia


Carlos Melia is a Travel Expert, Blogger, Niche Marketing Consultant, Jetsetter, and Bon Vivant, who travels around the world discovering what's new and cool in Luxury Travel and Hospitality. His reviews on hotels, restaurants, destinations, and attractions, based on his own experiences as an OUT Gay Traveler can be found @

Written By:
Carlos Melia
Carlos Melia
Wed, May 02, 2012
Comment by Ed Salvato
about 4 years ago

Great piece and recommendations. I love Legado Mitico. Lives up to its name.

about 4 years ago

Hope to visit Buenos Aires someday - definitely on my list!

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