LGBT News Roundup 05.15.12

Marrying a President - New York Times

For Some, Same-Sex Marriage Is Not Politics, It’s Personal - New York Times

Jay-Z Talks Obama, Marriage Equality Support - Advocate

Baptist School's Antigay Pledge Drives Faculty Exodus - Advocate

Gay Prosecutor Is Denied Judgeship in Virginia - New York Times

Jay-Z rips anti-gay marriage movement as 'discrimination' - Los Angeles Times

Gay Rights as Told by Obama and Romney - Huffington Post

Gay son "let down" by father's vote against Colorado civil unions bill - The Denver Post

Acceptance Of Gay Rights Becoming New Norm - RTT News

Quinn vows to work for gay marriage - Beloit Daily News
Favorable same-sex marriage coverage frustrates Obama’s media plan - The Daily Caller

Soap Opera Star Joanna Johnson: I’m Gay - US Weekly

What The Rest of Us Can Learn From Impatient Gay Activists - The Atlantic

Wonkbook: The economics of gay marriage - The Washington Post

Gay Marriage Recasts Senate Races - The Wall Street Journal

Bush pollster recommends GOP moderate on gay marriage, rights - MSNBC

Mickey Mouse gives gay marriage thumbs up in Japan -

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Tue, May 15, 2012


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