LGBT News Roundup 05.21.12

Gay marriage critics battle on - The Detroit News

Zimbabwe dismisses allegations of state sponsored violence, rejects gay rights - The Washington Post

Ravi, Romney, and Anti-Gay Bullying: What a Difference 50 Years Makes - Huffington Post

Gays may have the fastest of all civil rights movements - Los Angeles Times

Gay Marriage and Martin Luther King's Dream - Christian Post

Gay nominee denied judgeship in Va. House because of non-votes, abstentions - The Washington Post

A missing link in Obama’s gay-marriage evolution -

Swaziland: Gay Hate Speech Writer Suspended - All Africa

Gay Marriage Coming Out of South Florida - Examiner

Gay activists to Obama: What’s next? - Politico

For Gay Marriage Opponents, Moments Shape Minds - NPR

Md. Court: Gay Divorce OK While Gay Marriage Isn’t - Edge Boston

Gay marriage could be big voting issue in Colorado - STL Today

Gay rights advocates question LNP's motives - Brisbane Times

George Takei wants gay marriage lunch date with Donald Trump - Examiner

Dr. Pang Helps Gay Couples Have Babies - Out Take Online

Israeli report recommends surrogate mothers for gay men - JTA

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Mon, May 21, 2012


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