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LGBT News Roundup 05.24.12

Welcome End of a Pseudotheory - New York Times

Colombian Court Approves Adoption by American Gay Man - Advocate

Elton John In Hospital With Serious Respiratory Infection - Advocate

Brazil Senate committee OKs gay civil unions, first legislative step for the issue - Washington Post

Column: Gay marriage flap may sell Pacquiao fight - CBS

President Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage splits African Americans - Washington Post

Zimbabwe's president dismisses gay rights - Boston.com

Colin Powell Vs. Obama Vs. Romney on Gay Marriage - ABC

How to Tell Love From Hate: The Bible vs. Pastor Charles Worley - Huffington Post

Has gay parenting ‘normalized’ the perception of gay relationships? - Washington Post

How One Mother's Story Helped Change Obama's Gay Marriage Stance - The Atlantic

For New York’s Gay Couples, Tying the Knot Tangles Estates - Wall Street Journal

Connecticut players create video to tell gay players they are welcome on their team - Washington Post

Jesse Connors, Christian Group Founder, Gets Emotional Describing 'Ex-Gay Conversion' Video - Huffington Post

One Million Moms Go Batty Over Gay Comic Book Characters - Lez Get Real

Bristol Palin, You're Not a Victim, Just Acting Like One - Huffington Post

Black Voters Evolving On Gay Marriage - The Atlantic

Not What You Thought: Americans On Taxes; Blacks On Gay Marriage - NPR

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Thu, May 24, 2012


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