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French Elle Supports Gay Marriage

By Chris Huqueriza

French Elle supports gay marriage with their “Marriage for all” issue coming out tomorrow with “two brides and no groom” cover.

“This debate is not primarily between old and modern, right and left, homophobes and progressives” said Elle editorial director Valerie Toranian. “There are gay, pro-marriage Catholics, left- and right- leaning psychologists fiercely attached to the symbolism of gender difference as a necessity for any potential child. There are feminists who advocate for IVF for lesbians, but who oppose surrogate mothers for gays because they denounce the commodification of women’s bodies.”

French president Francois Hollande hopes to pass a same-sex marriage bill in 10 days. However, protests relating to a families right to adopt or have children occurred over the weekend with an estimated 340,000 marching to the Eiffel Tower, many carrying pink and blue signs reading “Mother and father, it’s best for the child.” 

Tolerance of same-sex relationships in France has been prevalent, but critics of the bill say a child’s mental health comes into issue when it comes to parenting. 

Like French Elle Magazine, the New York Times received criticism for their support of gay marriage. 

“What’s at stake is that the law gives arbitrary power to the state to decide who is a parent and who is not,” said Gay Protestant author Armand Laferrere to the NY Times. “That is a deep problem for the identity of the child, which should not be for the state to decide.”


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