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Pride Nutrition

In honor of Pride month, the rainbow flags fly high over San Francisco’s Market Street. As I sit and stare out my window at them, a sense of freedom arises, a sense of independence and liberation; freedom from restraint and oppression.

This same sense of freedom comes to mind as I sit and counsel my clients on the benefits of healthy living. I point out the rich rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables available to us and denounce the restrictions of processed, refined, and sugar-laden foods and non-foods. True food has and provides color, vibrance, and life. The rainbow of colors passes on to us in various ways. Purple, found in some berries or in eggplant, strengthen memory and support aging. Green fruits and vegetables, broccoli, pears, and leafy greens, help strengthen vision and bones. White, yellow, and red foods, such as onions, squash, tomatoes, and lemons, are good for heart-health, are cancer preventatives, and help boost immunity.

Foods have always provided healing and strength. Today, many of us feel restrained and oppressed by the heavy weight, figuratively and literally, brought on by the destruction of our food. But in light of Pride month and in line with past efforts to revolutionize and liberate, wave your rainbow flags high and take pride in the richness of the rainbow

Photo Credit: Jun Belen

Written By:
Manuel Villacorta
Manuel Villacorta
Tue, Jun 22, 2010
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