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Russia to reintroduce bill revoking LGBT parental rights and custody of children

A bill which would actively take away the children of gay and lesbian parents in Russia will be reintroduced in parliament after the Olympics, reports CNN.

Video below.

Member of Parliament Alexi Zhuravlyov was the originator of the legislation, which was initially introduced in October 2013.

The original bill called parents with a “nontraditional sexual orientation” as detrimental to children.

Zhuravlyov has reintroduced the bill, this time with a few modifications. Now, instead of taking away all children with gay or lesbian parents, the bill suggests taking away children from a parent who left a heterosexual partnership for a same-sex one.

“A mother and a father—that is normal for us,” Zhuravlyov said, according to a translation by CNN. “We think on this, Russia is on the right path compared to the West.”

It is unclear if Parliament will pass the law or how the law would be enforced.


Written By:
Jane Eisner
Jane Eisner
Fri, Jan 17, 2014


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