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LGBT News Roundup 04.26.12

Gay Politicians Come Out In Force for 2012 Races - The Daily Beast

‘Love Free Or Die,” The Story Of First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop - Radio Boston

Christian group rebukes gay Jesus depiction -SF Examiner

Gay Couples More Likely To Be Interracial Or Inter-Ethnic, According To New 2010 Census Analysis - Huffington Post

Nebraska response to assistant's comments not good enough for gay athletes - CBS Sports

Americans increasingly in favor of gay marriage, gun rights - Los Angeles Times

Does Medicine Discourage Gay Doctors? - New York Times

USS Harvey Milk: Lawmaker Wants Navy To Name Ship After Gay Icon - Huffington Post

Update: Canceled gay speaker still has message for students - Midland Daily News

Talking to Kids About 'Gay' - Huffington Post

Why the NHS should improve care for gay and bisexual men - The Guardian

Pauls challenger announces candidacy at gay-rights rally -

SF police look for 3 anti-gay assailants - The Sacramento Bee

Catholic church urges pupils to sign anti-gay marriage petition - The Guardian

Anti-gay propaganda bill passed in Siberia -

Bullied Gay Teenager Appointed to Phoenix Mayor’s Office - Edge

Gay community should get a pass when it comes to hugging, but 'pansy' comment is out of bounds -

YouTube Movies, Hulu Add Gay Movies, Series - On Top Mag

Glowacki Family Tells Lies In New NOM Anti-Gay Hate Video - The New Civil Rights Movement

Bill Legalizing Civil Unions For Gay Couples Clears Colorado Senate - On Top Mag


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Thu, Apr 26, 2012


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