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LGBT News Roundup 04.27.12

Out 'Power 50': Tim Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper Among Most Powerful Gay People In America - Out

Gay Son of Ex-Klansman Runs for Office in Kansas - Advocate

Gay Marriage Increasingly Featured In Campaign Ads - On Top Mag

Conservatives Against Amendment One - Advocate

Gay marriage: Pope representatives calls for Catholic alliance with Muslim and Jewish groups - The Telegraph

Russians Facing Tidal Wave of Proposed Anti-Gay Laws - ABC

N.C. Gay Marriage Amendment Has Unlikely Foes - NPR

Gay life celebrated in avant-garde films at the Egyptian - Los Angeles Times

Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Clergy on Table at Methodist General Conference - The Christian Post

Sen. Hutchison’s alternative anti-gay VAWA fails as U.S. Senate passes LGBT-inclusive bill - Dallas Voice

Mitt Romney's hire of gay spokesman derided, defended - Desert News

Presbytery dismisses four churches in gay spat - The News Tribune

Addressing Disparities, Promoting Health Equity and Ending HIV/AIDS - Huffington Post

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Complains That His Bill Is Misunderstood - Think Progress

Batman is 'utterly gay', says comics writer Grant Morrison - NME.com

Gay Navy Veteran Proposes to Marine Returning from Afghanistan at Camp Pendleton in Military First - TowleRoad

Bishops’ letter over government’s gay marriage consultation - EDP24

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Fri, Apr 27, 2012


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