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Students urge China’s most prominent universities to introduce pro-LGBT policies

Chinese student activists are urging 112 of its most prominent universities to introduce new policies protecting and supporting the LGBT community on their campuses.

Facebook forces drag queens to use their "real" identities

Facebook has proclaimed itself "a community where people use their real identities." As a result, drag queens around the world are locked out of their accounts until they update their profiles with their legal names.

Sam Smith puts a new spin on “I'm Not the Only One” with A$AP Rocky

Sam Smith's chart-topping hit gets a remix courtesy of A$AP Rocky.

Janelle Monáe's return to Coachella isn't triumphant no matter how you slice it

Janelle Monáe returns to the Coachella Valley after dissing the region's signature festival earlier this year.

"You're the Worst" is one of the best of the season

A look at FX's new romantic cringe-comedy about two of the worst people—and best characters—on television.

Nicki Minaj takes on sexist double standards and reveals how basic we really are

Last year, Nicki Minaj made more money than Kanye, Lil Wayne, or Drake while deftly maneuvering between sexist double standards.

For equality efforts to succeed, LGBT Americans have to make peace with religious exemptions

In the struggle for equality, many LGBT Americans take an all-or-nothing approach, especially with regards to religious exemptions. But that's not the way to win acceptance.

US House of Representatives rejects bill protecting the rights of retired veterans’ same-sex spouses

A US House of Representatives committee rejected a bill intended to ensure that veterans’ same-sex spouses are entitled to benefits, regardless of their state of residence, on September 10.

Japan offers a $29,999 gay wedding package in an ancient Buddhist temple

Although gay marriage isn't legal in Japan, at least one LGBT travel site is offering lavish wedding ceremonies in an ancient Buddhist temple.

Log Cabin is back, and still endorsing homophobic Republicans

Log Cabin, a political organization for LGBT Republicans, has lasted 37 tumultuous years, but its latest endorsement of Florida's Rick Scott shows just how out of touch it is.

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