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"Diary of a Teenage Girl": Director Marielle Heller and star Bel Powley open up

An interview with filmmaker Marielle Heller and actress Bel Powley on the deeper themes of new cult classic "Diary of a Teenage Girl"

Calvin Klein Jeans 2015 Fall ads to feature same-sex couples for the first time in the brand’s history

Calvin Klein’s Fall denim ads redefine "sex sells": for the first time in the brand's history, they feature same- sex couples.

LGBT webseries "Lost n Found" crowdfunding to produce first season

There's not enough diversity on TV. The web series "Lost n Found" plans to help change that.

Sonia Sebastian on directing the first lesbian Spanish web series and its sequel film

Director Sonia Sebastian talks about her efforts to “normalize” the LGBT community in mainstream culture and media.

"Living in the bubble": Caitlyn Jenner’s conservative views

Caitlyn Jenner expresses some of her conservative viewpoints on the latest episode of "I am Cait."

Catholic Church upholds ban on transgender godparents

The Catholic Church in Spain has upheld their decision to stop a transgender man from becoming a godparent.

Pentagon to begin work on transgender-inclusive policies for US military

On August 3, the Pentagon will begin work on creating policies for the US military that allow transgender soldiers to serve openly.

The story behind that catchy "I Am Cait" song

The golden boy of "I Am Cait"' stands up for his best friend and gay rights with the song "Love Always Wins."

Jose Canseco to share support for Caitlyn Jenner

Jose Canseco decides to show his support for Caitlyn Jenner—by living as a woman for a week.

Know your history: how gay life was viewed in 1964

As the LGBT community looks toward its the future, a glance back at its past shows how far the movement has come.

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