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An Aaliyah biopic will air on Lifetime this November

In November, Lifetime will premiere a two hour original movie about Aaliyah's life. Based on the bestseller “Aaliyah: More Than a Woman," the biopic chronicles the extraordinary talent and tragic death of the R&B icon.

September is National Honey Month. Here's why that matters to you and the future of humankind.

It's National Honey month, and even if you don't like nature's golden nectar, a staggering array of products depend on the health and livelihood of honey bees.

Poignant photobook shows everyday moments from the lives of two trans girls

Photographer Willeke Duijvekam documents the lives of two trans girls over the course of six years. The result is an intimate portrayal of adolescent identity.

England's southeast is a hotbed of homophobia

A new poll finds that some Britons would welcome a return to harsh sodomy laws and more aggressive crackdowns on LGBT rights.

Italian court overturns order to recognize one couple’s same-sex marriage

A court in Italy has overturned on a technicality the order to recognize one couple’s same-sex marriage.

Givenchy plays it safe at Paris Fashion Week

During a season when most designers tried to think outside the box and make bold statements, Givenchy opted for the status quo.

South African LGBT youth activists celebrate diversity in Heritage Day

On September 26, youth in Johannesburg, South Africa celebrated Heritage Day—as well as local LGBT activists’ support for diversity.

HIV medicine may be the key to stopping Ebola

HIV and Ebola replicate similar ways. Knowing this, a doctor in rural Liberia gave his patients an HIV medication. The results were astonishing.

A dream deferred—77 years later, Renee Ramsey finally shows the world the woman inside

At 77, Renee Ramsey is possibly the oldest person to undergo a sex reassignment journey. She shares her long and rocky road, and how it feels to be happy.

California governor signs pro-equality, progressive bills

California Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown has signed a considerable number of pro-equality and progressive bills into law.

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