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13 "Texts from Last Night" from partiers filled with Thanksgiving spirit

These people don't need any help getting into the mood for turkey and alcohol.

Photographer Tony Kelly's new book is a generous helping of sex and chauvinism

Fashion photographer Tony Kelly confronts the age-old battle of the sexes in images of perverse wit.

Editor's Picks of the Week

Editor-in-Chief Kevin Sessums shares his favorite things this week.

Ambitious new documentary, airing on World AIDS Day, will trace origins of HIV

"The Rise of the Killer Virus," airing on the Smithsonian Channel, is an unprecedented programming event that traces the historical and scientific origins of the deadly epidemic.

Daily Roundup
Here are your daily need to knows

Five stories to put on your radar.

Kris Knight, the new darling of Gucci, brings his beautiful boys to Miami Beach

Artist Kris Knight, Gucci's latest collaborator, brings his paintings of dandy boys to Art Basel Miami Beach.

"Studlebrity" documents a new generation of gay selfie celebs

“Studlebrity” examines the social media magnetism of five gay men.

Upcoming documentary sheds light on a forgotten LGBT tragedy

"Upstairs Inferno" chronicles the tragic 1973 arson that killed 32 people in a New Orleans gay bar.

YouTube documentary "Dirty 30" looks at those living with HIV/AIDS around the world

On December 1, YouTube will debut a 10-part documentary series called "Dirty 30" that examines the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Watch: Lena Dunham inspires NSFW rap video

Brooklyn rap trio Hand Job Academy release a trash talking single named after the controversial Girls star.

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