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Crimean official says the region does not need LGBT people

The de facto leader in Crimea has said that its people “do not need” members of the LGBT community.

Miranda July's new messaging app forces you out of your comfort zone

Artist Miranda July debuts a new app that reconnects us to "real life" communication with all of its awkwardness, nuance, subtlety, and mess.

The new app that's changing how people buy Broadway tickets

If you wanted to see a Broadway show in the past, you had a few choices: Pay full price, wait in line for discount tickets, or deal with complicated online codes. Now, there's another option, and it's changing the way people buy tickets.

LGBT, Ukrainian, and Jewish activists in Russia are under the microscope

Russian authorities are investigating one leading LGBT activist, but is it because he's gay—or because he's Ukrainian?

Italy allows woman in same-sex partnership to adopt stepchild in historic first

A woman in Italy has been allowed to adopt her life partner’s child, a historic first for the country.

Your Weekly Buffy: "Living Conditions"

This week we revisit Season 4. Buffy is in college and has a new roommate that really likes Cher. And labeling things. And evil toenails. And soul stealing. This isn't going to turn out well, is it?

8 tracks about crime, rebellion, and anarchy to kick off your work week

A mix tape of songs to indulge the little rebel in all of us.

Rainbow Honor Walk to be unveiled in San Francisco

A project honoring pioneers of LGBT history will be unveiled in San Francisco on September 2.

"Gone Home," an LGBT-inclusive video game, to be released on Nintendo's Wii U

"Gone Home" is not just a video game—it's an LGBT novel in the form of a first-person role-player.

Diving into the bizarre world of interspecies erotica

There's nothing quite like werecuttlefish erotica to makes you yearn for more innocent times.

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