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American Quakers form “new Underground Railroad” to help LGBT Ugandans

An American Quaker organization has formed “a new Underground Railroad” to help LGBT Ugandans who fear for their lives escape to safety.

Anatomy of a Lifetime Channel original movie

Threatening title? Check. Women in flannel? Check. Unresolved subplots? Check. What goes into creating the perfect Lifetime original movie.

Friday ear candy: Ben Harvey of SiriusXM's Utopia shares 10 irresistible tracks

To celebrate the launch of Utopia, the new dance channel on SiriusXM, we asked program director Ben Harvey to share 10 of his favorite tracks.

Obama's executive order is a nice idea, but it needs to create more than just paperwork

Obama's July 21 executive order barring LGBT discrimination among federal employers and contractors is an important stride towards equality, but now it actually needs to be implemented.

Researchers discover method to remove HIV from already-infected human cells

Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have discovered a way to remove HIV from already-infected human cells, a historic first.

Alexander McQueen's new collection: Game of Thrones meets witchcraft

The iconic fashion house, renowned for its surreal runway shows, unveils a new collection of inimitable style.

Pippin is more magical than ever

Editor-in-chief Kevin Sessums on Broadway's revival of "Pippin."

From the geniuses at Harvard: Cake in a can

A lot of brilliant ideas have come out of Harvard. This isn't one of them.

LGBT advocates in Kyrgyzstan seeking help against pending anti-gay bill harsher than Russia’s

LGBT advocates in the Kyrgyz Republic, also known as Kyrgyzstan, are asking activists around the world to help keep an anti-gay bill even harsher than Russia’s from becoming law.

A chronological history of Tom Cruise lawsuits

Tom Cruise has dealt with his share of scandal and tabloid gossip. Here's a chronological rundown of his day(s) in court.

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